Tokenized Peer - Peer transactions

Ledger-Pay wallet, both web and app based allows fluid transfers of money held in escrow to and from consumers and businesses alike all in a secure certified platform that protects against fraud and hacks

What We Do

Digital payments

Certain industries require special payment procedures. Our technology allows seamless payments from consumers to businesses

Identities Management

Our platform verifies all identities in the system ensuring all transactions are recorded for compliance and other trust verification requirements

Ledger Services

Our patented ledger ensures that all transactions are verified and recorded with enumerable time stamps. Mixing blockchain and certified payments into one cohesive package

Network Design


Our system can be custom tailored to fit the needs of any business size from small cap to large industrial applications for payment and identies management both Gov and civilian.

Cloud Services

The Ledger-Pay platfrom rides on the only level 4 FIPS 201A level assurance cloud in the world, surpassing all FISMA/HIPA and PCI/DSS requirements for data integrity and assurance. The system can be installed privatly or in hosted cloud.

Cyber Security

The Ledger-pay system is powered by a our patented and certified I.T infrastrructure with certifications from NIST and GSA witht he highest level security assurance from the U.S federal government. We believe in the more is better approach.

Integrated payments

Our platfrom can be used as a stand alone OR in an agregated process. All funds are held in an escrow account allowing your organization to pay and be paid.



NIST Crypto Certification

Crypto Platform FIPS 140-2 certified

NIST PIV Certification

PIV Card and PIV Middleware certification

FEDRAMP Certification


Level 4 Secure Cloud Environment



 PCI/DSS Certified Gateway

ACH Certification



 ACH Secure Gateway ISO/ISV

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Over the counter payments

App payments


Delivery confirmation

Tax payments

vendor payments



ACH/EMV payments

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